Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed, indoors or outdoors.


Sit on a comfortable chair, end of a bed or in a meditative position.


3 Minutes. Close your eyes, take a few slow cleansing breaths and relax all the muscles in your body. Let passing thoughts come and go but don’t dwell on them, you are simply an observer. Get any itches out the way.


2 Minutes. Imagine yourself sitting as you are but visualised as a silhouette. Ask the universe for forgiveness of your wrongdoings and to make you whole, pure a clean again. Observe any dark energy leaving your being.


3 Minutes. Originating from your heart, visualise yourself filling with a the most beautiful loving white light getting brighter and brighter. Now imagine a protective egg shaped shield forming around your being also filling with that loving white light. Nothing negative can penetrate this.

Positive Vibes

2 Minutes. Focus on loved ones, funny pets, laughter, happy events and anything that brings you incredible joy.

Deep Meditation

10-20 Minutes. Focus on your breathing, in and out, whilst imagining yourself on an elevator going deeper and deeper.  After some time you will notice your mind slows.


2 Minutes. Continuing to visualise yourself as a beautiful being of love and light emanating from your heart, permeating your entire being and outwardly shooting up like a glowing laser beam straight up into the sky.


2 Minutes. Using your inner voice, speak your intention to the Universe via your beam of light. “I wish to make peaceful, open and loving contact to any extraterrestrial or extradimensional being with the same intent.” Keep Repeating.

Sending Location

5 Minutes. Using that beam of light to send your message, visualise your location in the Universe:

Spiral Arm of the Mikey Way Galaxy > Our Sun > 3rd Planet Earth > Your Continent > Your Country > Your State > Your County > Your City > Your Address. 

Zooming both in and out. Be detailed. Take into account daytime and night time view of earth. 


Open your eyes, you’ve conduced the CE-5 Protocol.

Try to occasionally keep thinking of that bright love and light emanating from your heart and the space beam. Do not fear.

Search the skies and be patient. Some people have reported it can take a few hours.



The timings mentioned above are just a suggestion, the the session flow at a pace your are comfortable with.

Psychic Greeting (Attack)

Emanating all this love and light can attract some unwanted attention from dark entities but know that you already have all the tools to combat it as mentioned in step 5. Simply shining your loving light on the entity will cause it go away, this is their nemesis.

Individual symptoms may include, dark feeling or energy around you, headache, or feeling of fear, anger, hate. Do note that a headache could also simply be that you’ve not exercised your visualisation in your mind before.

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